Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adjective Flash Cards

Free Adjective Flash Cards. Here are some free adjective flash cards for teachers and parents to use with your kids. There are 60 different adjective flash cards in this set. Each flashcard has a picture and matching word.

Adjective Flash Cards Word List: Afraid, Amazing, Ancient, Angry, Beautiful, Big, Black, Blue, Bored, Bouncy, Brave, Bright, Broken, Brown, Calm, Clean, Cloudy, Cold, Dangerous, Deep, Delicious, Dirty, Educated, Empty, Excited, Faithful, Fast, Funny, Goofy, Happy, Healthy, Hot, Ill, Juicy, Kind, Lazy, Little, Loud, Lucky, Messy, Quiet, Rainy, Rich, Round, Royal, Sad, Scary, Sharp, Slow, Soft, Strong, Tall, Thankful, Tired, Unique, Vast, Warm, Wet, Wise, Wooden.

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