Friday, November 20, 2009

Word Family Flash Cards

Free Word Family Flash Cards. Use these word pattern flash cards with your kids to practice phonics and word recognition. After you print these flashcards, just laminate them and your students will be able to write on them with a Vis-A-Vis marker and erase. You will be using these flash cards for years! You can also use these as word family worksheets for teaching phonics and as a learning center activity.

Word Family Flash Cards - Click Here

Word Family: Letter A - Click Here

Letter A Word Family List: AB, ACK AD, AG, AIL, AKE, ALE, ALL, AM, AN, AND, AP, APE, AR, ARE, AST, AT, ATE, AW AX, AY

Word Family: Letter E - Click Here

Letter E Word Family List: EAL, EAN, EAR, EAT, ED, EEL, EEN, EEP, EET, EG, ELL, EN, END, ENT, ERRY, ESS, EST, ET, EW, EX

Word Family: Letter I - Click Here

Letter I Word Family List: ICE, ICK, IDE, IG, IGHT, ILL, IME, IN, INE, ING, INK, IP, ISH, IT

Word Family: Letter O - Click Here

Letter I Word Family List: OAT, OCK, OG, OIL, OKE, OLD, OO, OOD, OOK, OOL, OOM, OOT, OP, ORE, ORN, OT, OW, OY

Word Family: Letter U - Click Here

Letter I Word Family List: UB, UCK, UG, UM, UMP, UN, UNK, UT

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