Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grammar Flash Cards

Free Grammar Flash Cards from Have Fun Teaching! These Grammar Flashcards are great to use in the classroom or at home for extra practice. English flash cards can help ESL and ESOL students understand basic English skills and build background knowledge for sentence building and other English activities. With these free flash cards for grammar, your kids will have fun learning English and Grammar!

Have Fun Teaching has many different grammar flash cards for teachers and kids.
  • Adjective Flash Card Word List: Afraid, Amazing, Ancient, Angry, Beautiful, Big, Black, Blue, Bored, Bouncy, Brave, Bright, Broken, Brown, Calm, Clean, Cloudy, Cold, Dangerous, Deep, Delicious, Dirty, Educated, Empty, Excited, Faithful, Fast, Funny, Goofy, Happy, Healthy, Hot, Ill, Juicy, Kind, Lazy, Little, Loud, Lucky, Messy, Quiet, Rainy, Rich, Round, Royal, Sad, Scary, Sharp, Slow, Soft, Strong, Tall, Thankful, Tired, Unique, Vast, Warm, Wet, Wise, Wooden.
  • Noun Flash Card Word List: Apple, Baby, Ball, Bear, Bed, Bell, Bird, Boat, Boy, Bread, Cake, Car, Cat, Chair, Chicken, Coat, Corn, Cow, Dog, Duck, Egg, Fire, Fish, Flower, Girl, Grass, Hand, Head, Horse, House, Leg, Letter, Milk, Money, Nest, Pig, Rabbit, Rain, Ring, School, Seed, Sheep, Shoe, Snow, Sing, Street, Sun, Table, Top, Toy, Tree, Watch, Water, Wind, Window.
  • Common and Proper Noun Flash Card Word List: hero, Superman, bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, bell, Liberty Bell, boat, The Mayflower, cookie, Oreo, city, Chicago, paper, Declaration of Indepedence, man, Benjamin Franklin, restaurant, McDonald's, teacher, Mrs. Edwards, space shuttle, Space Shuttle Columbia, astronaut, Sally Ride, car, Ford, girl, Beth, people, Native Americans, waffles, Eggo Waffles, chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate, pig, Porky Pig, president, Abraham Lincoln, airplane, Air Force One, farmer, Johnny Appleseed, shoes, Nike, singer, Jennifer Lopez, planet, Saturn, tree, Maple Tree, watch, Rolex.

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