Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Body Parts Flash Cards

Free Body Parts Flash Cards for teachers, parents and kids. 35 printable flashcards that can be used to learn parts of the body. Just print, cut and laminate and you will have free flash cards that will last you a long time.

Body Parts Flash Cards Word List: Feet, Eyebrow, Elbow, Thumb, Ear, Stomach, Lips, Hair, Teeth, Mustache, Nose, Finger, Cheek, Chin, Eye, Beard, Eyelash, Knee, Armpit, Hands, Back, Belly, Chest, Arm, Tongue, Toes, Bottom, Hip, Leg, Mouth, Neck, Head, Shoulders, Eyes, Fingernail.

These Body Parts Flash Cards are great for Spanish speaking kids, ESL, ESOL and also for teaching background knowledge. These Parts of the Body Flash Cards will be a great addition to any lesson plan.

Teacher IDEAS:
  • Print this flash card set and match the picture to the word.
  • Print two sets and play picture matching.

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