Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rhyming Words Flash Cards

These Rhyming Words Flash Cards are great for teaching phonics and rhyming skills. These rhyming flashcards are small words that practice with word families and rhyming.

Print one flash card set and match the rhyming words.
Print two flash card sets and play a memory game!

Rhyming Words Flashcards Word List: cat, hat, pig, wig, sun, run, pet, jet, hot, pot, fan, van, fin, win, pen, hen, dad, mad, hop, mop, nap, map, bed, sled, rock, sock, bag, flag, bib, crib, ham, jam, kick, sick, ball, fall, cab, crab, swim, rim, bell, well, box, fox, bug, rug, dog, frog, dish, fish, duck, truck, glass, grass, gum, drum, trash, cash, mouse, house.

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